The Church

The Church

Uniting Church in Sweden (UCS), Equmeniakyrkan, is the most recent established church in Sweden. Our name may be new, but we are deeply rooted in Christian history and the Christian revival in Sweden.


In 2011, the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, the Baptist Union of Sweden and the Methodist Church in Sweden established Equmeniakyrkan, a joint community, of which the Swedish Salvation Army also became an organizational part.

With 760 local churches, we are present in just about all of Sweden, from north to south. We offer venues for faith and interpretation of life, worship and fellowship, and a clear commitment to life together in Sweden and the World.

UCS has 70,000 members, and 130,000 people are involved in our activities.

Our youth organization is called Equmenia.

UCS is the first church body in Sweden to have a three-part leadership headed by Rev. Lasse Svensson, church leader/president, and Rev. Dr. Sofia Camnerin and Rev. Olle Alkholm as vice presidents.

UCS has seven regions and seven regional church leaders.

We form one of the largest governing bodies in Sweden when we meet for the annual Church Conference.

271 of UCS’ 703 pastors are women.

265 deacons work with a strong social commitment in UCS and 211 of them are women.

20,000 people are active each week in UCS’ music scene.

2,000 of them are parents with their little ones coming together for toddler singing every week.

Approximately 100 congregations work with diversity issues and integration of new immigrants.

Our international mission cooperation has always been important, and it still is. We currently have partnerships with churches and Christian organizations in 27 countries in 5 different continents; Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa and Euroasia.

UCS wants to be a church with a strong involvement in present society. This applies to issues relating to refugees and migration, human rights, violence and abuse against women and children as well as advocacy work for peace, security and sustainability.

As it is stated in our vision, UCS strives to be a church for all aspects of life where the encounter with Jesus Christ transforms me, you and the world.