Theological Foundation

Uniting Church in Sweden

A Theological Foundation


There is only one true and living God – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – who creates, saves, and gives life. Creation and salvation come from the hand of God, and are outpourings of the same divine love. Life is meaningful since it is created by God.

At the same time life is threatened by evil, fragmentation, and death. Sin separates humans from God. All are born into a divided world, and are part of both the evil and the good in the existence.

God became man in Jesus of Nazareth. He proclaims the gospel of the kingdom of God, defeats the power of sin and death, and restores humans and creation. Through the crucified and risen Christ, the first born of the new creation and true image of God, the way to new life is opened.

The Holy Spirit calls to conversion and faith in Jesus Christ, childhood with God, and fellowship in the Christian congregation. The Spirit equips humans to live in imitation of Christ, and sanctification. The Spirit leads the Church in this time, and calls it to carry the hope of eternal life.

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